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Friday, February 22, 2008

Ebay store!



I also have a store front on ebay!
My seller name is mychenilleshop. Please check this out for all my Kindermat Nap Mats and Quilts. If you have a favorite theme or color your little one is wanting please email me at and tell me what you are looking for. If I can locate the fabric I will be glad to make the nap mat or quilt or both. Thanks!
Go to community: Where it says find a member, put in mychenilleshop and click on the one in Texas and you are there.


Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Hi Karen,
I just visited your Ebay store. You have wonderful Nap Mats. What a great idea! Beautiful work, too.

mychenilleshop said...

Thanks Patricia for my first comment!
We will figure out how to link our blogs one day!

Thanks again, Karen

Connie said...

Well, ya got comments now, chickie!

Miss Rhea said...

Hi Karen !! Welcome to Blogging !!! :) warning, It is addicting. lol

Marilyn said...

Karen, so happy to see you joining the blogging world!

vintagewindow said...

Love the blog Karen........great job. Kris

mychenilleshop said...

Thank you Connie, Rhea, Lisa and Chris for your comment!
This is addicting and I am having a blast!!

mychenilleshop said...

Thanks Marilyn, I will have to go and read your blog! This is fun!

Theresa Walker said...

So, I know that you don't know me, but I found your blog by doing a Google search off of your ebay listing. I LOVE your nap mats. Would you ever consider sewing a knit/soft blanket into the side seam? I like the way your pattern is able to come off the mat and be washed, but I really would like an attached blanket for my daughter.

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